Statement Of Purpose



Ethan house is a privately run children’s home that accommodates children and young people from aged 8 to 18 years old. In line with the recommendations made in the report” Keep on caring” for “Residential Care in England” (2016). We will extend our leaving age in order to assist young people in their transition to adulthood where this is identified within their pathway plan. Ethan house can accommodate up to 5 children or young people any one time.

At Ethan house we believe in inclusivity, child-centred, therapeutic approaches (which are embedded into daily care) and empowerment for young people within our home. We aim to encourage children and young people to become more confident, empowered and to be in control of the decision-making in their lives.

Ethan house is a large five bedroom semi-detached property with two bathrooms. There is appropriate space for children and young people to engage in activities and relax, work towards their own individual life skills and live within a family environment.

The bedrooms are light and airy where attention to detail offers a family environment and atmosphere allowing children to relax in the privacy of their own rooms. Young people will be encouraged to personalise their bedrooms.

The lounge will offer a place for young people to retreat, watch TV and play and interact with one another. Weekly residents’ meetings will also be held in the lounge offering young people an opportunity to air their views and respect others opinions. The home also benefits from a large garden offering a great outdoor area for children and young people to dine and relax in. The outdoor space also offers opportunity for outdoor games. The home benefits from its own vehicle used to transport children and young people and ensure easy access to a wide range of community resources